Red Lightsaber with Metal Handle, with LED and 3 Kinds of Sound Effects, Adult Role Playing Gift Sound and Light Toy (black Handle)

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3 sets of sound effects: lightsaber has power-on sound effects, standby (background) sound effects, pinjian sound effects, waving sound effects, knocking sound effects, switching sound effects, low battery sound effects, and charging sound effects. Simulate the real scene, the sound quality is rich and powerful, the volume can be adjusted, and it has a mute function.Multiple light effect modes: flame mode, full brightness mode, high, medium and low brightness adjustment, breathing mode, heartbeat mode, flashing mode, and sword-flashing mode. A variety of light effect modes allow you to experience different scenes.Size: The total length of the laser sword is 103 cm, the standard blade is 1 inch, and there is no telescopic light effect. 29CM super long metal frosted sword handle, comfortable to hold, blade and handle can be removed.Wide application range: You can play by yourself, or share happy time with family and friends, or you can give it as a gift to family or friends.Note: The lightsaber is equipped with