Lightsaber Sword Stick Force Heavy Dueling Led Lightsaber With Foc Lock Up Metal Hilt Blaster Sound Lightsaber

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Warm tips: please charge with USB port or output 5v1a charging head!

Style: it is that the body of the sword does not emit light, but the main light of the handle lights up and the body of the sword is lighted. There is no telescopic light effect. The body of the sword is detachable (the handle and the body can be separated).

Default Collocation: hilt + body + side blade lengthened, total length 107cm;

5 sets of sound effects: each set has switching sound effect, standby (background) sound effect, sword fighting sound effect, swing sound effect, beating sound effect, switching sound effect, low power sound effect, charging sound effect

Light effect: flame mode, full light mode, high and low brightness adjustment, breathing mode, heartbeat mode, flashing mode, sword shooting mode;
Volume adjustment and mute mode: volume high, medium and low adjustment, mute function;

Memory function: light effect memory and sound effect memory;

Original design, lighting cross, 5 sets of sound effect cross, hollow streamer, mute function, memory function, volume adjustment, mode switching, full bright high, medium and low light mode selection and striking flash, uniform and transparent light effect, standard body, super body, wear-resistant high permeability sword head, 35cm super long metal frosted handle , sword plug, diaphragm metal switch, mini charging hole, durable lithium battery, high quality charging cable

1.The lightsaber support dueling.Has flash on clash and blaster mode.
2.Ultra loud sound and high light.
3.The blade can be removed.Please do not open or take down the hilt of lightsaber.
4.Not waterproof.Please charge the saber at least one time of each month.

1.Short press to turn on the lightsaber, long press for four seconds to turn off the lightsaber.
2.When saber is on, short press to change seven kinds of light mode.
3.Holding button for 2 seconds and release the button to turn on or turn off lock-up.When saber is on lock-up,short press to change lock-up mode.
4.When saber is on,long press for 3 seconds and release the button to adjust the volume.
5.When saber is off,long press for 2 seconds to change sound fonts.
7.When saber is off,long press for 3 seconds to turn off/on sound.

Failure processing method
1.Saber can't on:Use 2A good quality wall charger to charge the saber whole night.
2.Saber dead:We will offer you fast and great after-service if you contact us.

1.Children under 5years old no playing!
2.Only for fun!Ban violent!
3.Please use our charging cable to charger the saber first.
4.Good quality 2AMP wall charger can charge fast.
5.If saber no sound long press button to activate sound when saber off.
6.The wrinkle inside the blade is normal use for spreading light.