Smart watch activity monitor heart rate ECG and PPG waterproof belt temperature monitoring

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1.24 hours temperature
monitoring 2.24 hours automatic blood pressure monitoring;
3, heart rate monitoring, all-day automatic monitoring and data recording
4, ECG monitoring, ECG report
5, HRV report
6, IP67 waterproof (daily waterproof, daily dustproof, rainproof).
7. Multi-screen style switching, turn the wrist
8 bright screen, incoming call reminder (Android, Apple), contact name display;
9. SMS, Facebook, WeChat reminder (Android, IOS), content display;
10. Missed calls, unread messages (Android/IOS);
11, alarm clock reminder, task reminder (Android/IOS)
12, activity tracking, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, exercise
chip: Nordic 52832 AFE TI4900
display: TFT 0.96 "
strap size: 260MM
battery: 130mAh
waterproof level: IP67
standby time: 10 days
Support mobile phone system: IOS 8.0 and above, Android 4.4 and above
compatible with Bluetooth: 4.0
monitoring principle: ECG superconducting powder metallurgy electrode
charging: USB in-line charging