glowing sound toy gift Cosplay toy lightsaber

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Sound effects of FX movies: Simulate the sound of movies, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of fighting. Sound and lighting effect feedback during the duel. The lightsaber has three different sound fonts and silent modes, the sound is very strong and loud, and it is also equipped with flashing percussive sounds and mixer sounds. (This will switch the sound effect by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds at boot time).Please use 5V1A charger to charge, or charge through computer UBS interface. The charged time sword will enter the protection mode and cannot be used. After unplugging the power cord, please start using it. Aluminum handle: When you hold it, its smooth metal handle will make you feel excited. When you swing it, it is like a real sword.This is a monochrome version with only one variety of colors (respectively red, blue, green, ice blue, orange, purple, white).After-sales service and accessories support: strong after-sales service. Please leave a message when you need help. Or contact us via