Lightsaber, 11 Color Changeable Metal Aluminum Lightsabers, with 2 Modes Sound Force FX Duel Lightsaber Silver Handle (65 Cm Blade RGB)

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FX movie sound effects: Simulate the sound of movies, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of fighting. Sound and lighting effect feedback during the duel. The lightsaber has three different sound fonts and silent modes, the sound is very strong and loud, and it is also equipped with flashing percussion sounds and mixer sounds.RGB color-changing lightsaber: This is the RGB color-changing version, about 11 colors can be changed. Click 3 times to switch the color, you can change it to any of 11 colors (red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, cool white, sky blue, ice blue, pink light)Luminous blades: All styles include blades. When you turn on the lighting button, you will feel that the real battle feeling will change during the battle. High-quality PC blades, support real duels, flashing when colliding.Smooth metal handle and sturdy lightsaber blade: The handle is made of metal aluminum, which has a good polishing effect and is comfortable to hold. High-quality PC blade supports real duels, flashes when co