Teens Kangaroo Jump Shoes with 4T Spring, Black Color Weight Loss Exercise Bounce Boots, Fit For 50KG-110KG Unisex Person

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Teens Kangaroo Jump Shoes with 4T Spring, Black Color Weight Loss Exercise Bounce Boots, Fit For 50KG-110KG Unisex Person


Wear it to run, it can bring you the feeling of a long space, all the worries will disappear, so that you can easily relax. Put on it for outdoor travel, easy dip in the field and sightseeing, eliminate fatigue and enjoy happiness. Wear it to play basketball, you can immediately realize the dream of becoming Jordan. In society, it dances hip-hop, which allows you to fully show your extraordinary dance skills, you are cooler and more stylish, and the people will cheer you on; Wear it to play with your companions, not only to enhance the relationship between each other, but also to create more different new gameplay; Girls wear it, not only can build body, but also quickly burn calories and play the role of weight loss.


4T spring is the professional version with stronger load bearing

Relieve the shock and vibration with A shock-Absorbing Device(Flexible Spring)

Easy to use with shoes on, suitable for your weight and the lenght of foot

More calories and better fitness can burn for adults by this way. For children, it is useful to promote blood circulation and the growth of ossature, and then is beneficial to be taller.

Whether for jogging, running or even walking, Shoes defy gravity with every fun-filled step. They are so easy to balance on, soon they'll be bounding around like an astronaut on the moon. it's easy to burn calories, build fitness, coordination and strengthen leg muscles.

The shoes have 3 size available:

18=L, for 50kg-70kg body weight(110lbs-154lbs); Foot length:23cm-24cm

19=XL, for 70kg-90kg body weight(154lbs-198lbs); Foot length:24.5cm-26cm

20=XXL, for 90kg-110kg body weight(198lbs-243lbs); Foot length: 26.5cm-28.5cm


It has a durable hard shell boot with a comfortable, removable liner which can be machine washed

4T springs have good support and pressure resistance, good bounce ability, can effectively consume calories, and achieve the effect of weight loss exercise

Large screws are used to fix the shoes firmly on the shell, with super stability

It had snug buckles with TPU materials

size 18/19 have two buckles

size 20 have three buckles

Packaging Display

Easy to install

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