W5 4G Children's Smart Watch Gps Positioning Navigation Android Phone Wifi Internet Girl Video Call Recording Watch Dual Camera

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"Main functions:
4G network version: GPS + WiFi + lbs + AGPs positioning, more accurate positioning;
4G network version: 4G network, shutter video call, voice call, remote monitoring, Wi-Fi internet access, LTE GPRS data. Faster and more stable connection;
Call function: GSM, td-lte-volte video call (both parties need to turn on this function and prompt the volte icon on the network);
It supports wechat, has 2 million cameras and dual cameras, one on the front of the watch and the other on the side of the watch, and supports video calls.
Open the waterproof design and wear it when washing hands or lying on the beach.
1.54 inch HD color touch screen, full IPS screen, anti burst, anti scratch, waterproof, dustproof, 320 * 320 resolution;
The watch supports health monitor (pedometer), history tracker and sleep monitor (as an interesting learning application). Let children have a safe and interesting childhood.
Food grade silicone watch band, anti-static, dust-proof and sweat proof.