Winter Skiing Heated Gloves Outdoor Sports Touch Motorcycle for Men Women Warm and Windproof Hunting Black Mittens

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"Product specifications:Ø Heating element: The heating element covers the entire back of the hand, including fingers and fingertips.
Ø Reflector: The reflector on the back of the hand can show your presence in the dark.
Ø Touch screen: The conductive leather on the index finger and thumb fingertip can use any touch screen device.
Ø Far-infrared carbon fiber heating wire resistance, corrosion-resistant, anti-static, fast and efficient heating, heating starts within 30 seconds.
Ø Strong grip: The palm is made of super sheepskin material, which has strong grip and non-slip.
Ø Joint buckle: a pair of gloves is connected with a strong buckle, which is convenient to carry.
Ø Windproof wrists and cuffs: adjustable wrist elastic buckle can be adjusted according to the arm, completely resisting wind in cold weather.
Ø Adjustable size Velcro: high-quality size adjustable Velcro, with super sealed handle.
Ø Waterproof zipper: Nylon zipper, used for super sealed grip and waterproof of battery.